The #ImpatientRevolution eBook

#ImpatientRevolution is a free digital download eBook which is a must-read for charities about to embark on the journey towards drug development and clinical trials. Packed full of practical advice and tools, it’s a useful reference to guide you through the process.
— Rare Revolution magazine Spring 2017

You can freely use and distribute the conteNts of the #ImpatientRevolution ebook with attribution.

To make it easier to re-use, you can download a copy of all the figures in PowerPoint format (file size 1.9MB).

This eBook is about the many ways patient organizations can shape the research field around their disease and influence the drug industry to work on their rare disease.

I conceived it as a guide for impatient patient organizations – those wanting to accelerate the development of new medicines for their disease by taking an active role. It explains why and how companies develop drugs for rare diseases, and how patient organizations can use this knowledge to analyze their disease field, to identify the main gaps, and to design strategies to get pharmaceutical companies to develop new treatments for their disease.

We hear much about "patient engagement". This is a book on "company engagement" for patient organizations.

My wish is to empower patient organizations that want to play an active role in research, and to invite them to take the plunge and join the #ImpatientRevolution

Ana Mingorance PhD

February 2017

I urge any charity considering taking steps towards research to read Ana Mingorance’s book, “The Impatient Revolution”.
— Rebeca Steward, co-founder at Rare Revolution magazine