Dravet Syndrome Drug Development Pipeline Review 2017

June 23 is a special day for families of people with Dravet syndrome. It is the International Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day, that in 2017 celebrates its 4th edition.

That's why today we announce the publication of the 2017 Dravet Syndrome Pipeline and Opportunities Review, a market research publication that provides an overview of the global therapeutic landscape of Dravet syndrome.

Dravet syndrome is an orphan epilepsy disorder with multiple non-seizure comorbidities and high unmet medical need. The disease has recently gained significant attention as an orphan indication within epilepsy, and as of June 2017, the drug drug development pipeline for Dravet syndrome comprises at least 13 drug candidates, of which 3 are in late-stage, placebo-controlled Phase II or III studies. Two of the products in development are potentially disease-modifying treatments, and 8 different products have received orphan drug designations.

The report includes the most recent updates on Epidiolex (cannabidiol) from GW Pharmaceuticals; ZX008 (fenfluramine) from Zogenix; Translarna (ataluren) from PTC Therapeutics; BIS-001 (huperzine) from Biscayne Neurotherapeutics; OPK88001 (CUR-1916) from OPKO Health; OV935 (TAK-935) from Ovid Therapeutics and Takeda; EPX-100, EPX-200 and EPX-300 from Epygenix Therapeutics; cannabidiol from INSYS Therapeutics; a Nav1.6 inhibitor program from Xenon Pharmaceuticals; and SAGE-324 from Sage Therapeutics. 

The 2017 Dravet Syndrome Pipeline and Opportunities Review also includes an analysis of the competitive landscape and evaluates current and future opportunities of the Dravet syndrome market.

The report is now available in this site.

Ana Mingorance PhD