Empowering the impatient patient revolution

February 28 is the Rare Disease Day, and the global theme this year is research.

People from all over the world will come together this month to advocate for more research on rare diseases, and to recognize the critical role that patient organizations play in research.

I don’t think the organization could have come up with a better theme. I’m a strong believer in patient-centric research. In working with patient organizations who are changing the world. This is why I am excited to join this year Rare Disease Day and announce the launch of my first eBook: #ImpatientRevolution, a guide for impatient patient organizations.

impatient patient revolution


This eBook is about the many ways patient organizations can shape the research field around their disease and influence the drug industry to work on their rare disease.

I conceived it as a guide for impatient patient organizations – those wanting to accelerate the development of new medicines for their disease by taking an active role. It explains why and how companies develop drugs for rare diseases, and how patient organizations can use this knowledge to analyze their disease field, to identify the main gaps, and to design strategies to get pharmaceutical companies to develop new treatments for their disease.

My wish is to empower patient organizations that want to play an active role in research, and to invite them to take the plunge and join the #ImpatientRevolution


As a guide, the eBook is written for patients and patient advocates involved in patient organizations. It will be very useful for those just starting or even considering starting a new patient organization, and it will be a good mental exercise too for those that are already part of patient organizations that are active in research.

As a learning resource, the eBook will be interesting for anyone involved in developing new medicines for rare diseases (orphan drugs), in particular if they interact with patients. I myself am a drug hunter, and this is the guide I would have loved to read when I started!


I have been a scientist in academia, a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, and for the last 5 years I have worked as an in-house scientist and advisor for rare disease patient organizations.

While I looked for new ways to help develop more drugs for Dravet syndrome, I also looked at the industry best practices. From this experience I came up with the framework that is the backbone of the #ImpatientRevolution eBook. I have shared these ideas at rare disease conferences and it was time for me to write them down so that I could share them with all the rare disease community. There was not better time for doing this than joining this year Rare Disease Day.


The #ImpatientRevolution eBook will launch on February 21, exactly one week before the Rare Disease Day.

I have chosen this date to celebrate the Rare Disease Day, and, at the same time, give time for people to read the eBook so that they get to February 28 more convinced that ever that patient organizations should be at the center of research.


You don’t have to pay anything or sign up to any e-mail list to get the eBook. If you want it, it’s yours. All I will ask you is that if you read it and you like it then help me spread the word so that more patient organizations (or families thinking about starting one) will get to read it too.


The eBook will be available on-line through this website with no payments or sign up required. I will share the link in social media on February 21 so stay tuned!


In the mean time, help me create awareness and spread the word in social media sharing your support for patient organizations playing a central role in research under the theme #ImpatientRevolution

And if you want early access to a copy, just leave me a note in the comments!

Ana Mingorance, PhD